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Leasing vs Buying

Discover The Benefits Of Leasing vs Buying Your Next Jaguar At Jaguar Honolulu

Every guest who walks into our Jaguar showroom has their own individual needs and preferences. That’s why we provide a variety of excellent options at the Jaguar Honolulu Auto Finance Center.

Car buyers can choose between car loan and car lease plans, each of which provide a plethora of benefits. To ensure a world-class shopping experience, our Jaguar finance specialists are on hand 7 days a week to discuss all of your options. Visit us today at Jaguar Honolulu, serving Kaneohe, HI and the entire island of O’ahu.

Own It Outright With A Car Loan Tailored To You

One major selling point of an auto loan? You get to keep it. Once you’ve paid off your car loan, you’ll receive a title and you’ll own your new vehicle free and clear. This is a great option when shopping for a Jaguar, because chances are, you won’t want to give it back.

Drivers can also opt for loan terms that match their preferences. For instance, longer terms could result in lower monthly payments, however, a shorter loan means fewer payments. To learn more about car loan options, visit the auto finance department at Jaguar Honolulu. Our Jaguar finance professionals will walk you through all of your choices from loan amounts to interest rates. They’ll even explain how your credit report and credit score could affect the terms of your car loan.

For more information, schedule an appointment today. Call the auto finance center at Jaguar Honolulu – Hawaii’s trusted Jaguar showroom.

A Finance Representative helping a couple finance a Jaguar.

Give Yourself Options With An Exclusive Car Lease Plan

For many car buyers, a car lease plan could be the perfect fit. Lease plans differ from car loans, because drivers aren’t actually buying the car. Instead, drivers simply drive the vehicle for a few years then give it back to the showroom. Why might this be a great option for you? Well, instead of paying for the entire car, you’d only pay for the depreciation of the vehicle.

As you know, cars lose market value over time. So, if you lease a vehicle for 3 years, you’d only pay the difference between the vehicle’s original value and its depreciated value after 3 years. This typically results in lower car payments for guests, plus, you’ll have the opportunity to pick a new vehicle once your car lease is over.

If this seems like a great option to you, visit Jaguar Honolulu to learn more. Our certified Jaguar finance specialists will answer all your questions and address any concerns you might have about the process. To ensure a world-class shopping experience, visit Honolulu’s premier Jaguar showroom today. Drive away with the car of your dreams and lease terms you won’t lose sleep over.

Learn More About Car Loan & Lease Options Today In Honolulu, HI

At Jaguar Honolulu, we know our guests are looking for more than just a great Jaguar car or SUV. That’s why we provide a first-class auto finance department and a full staff of certified Jaguar finance specialists.

Whether you’re searching for a car loan or a car lease, make sure your plan is tailored to you. Stop by Jaguar Honolulu today – a Jaguar showroom on the island of O’ahu serving Kaneohe and Honolulu, HI.

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