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  • Matt Maertens
    General Manager

  • Kaelen Hirashiki
    Sales Manager

  • Jon Yoshida
    Brand Specialist

  • Sergio Ambrosino
    Executive Hospitality Brand Specialist

    Sergio was born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil. His father, who is originally from Italy, was a businessman that was part owner of a car dealership and as a young child Sergio spent time with his father at the dealership where he developed his love for cars. One of his idols is the well known F1 race driver Ayrton Senna. 

    Throughout his career he worked in different type of jobs in the area of sales, law, and also a business owner.  

    In 2005 he moved to California to pursue his dreams to live abroad and start a new career. After studying marketing and business management at UCSD, he decided to go back to the sales field. 

    In 2015 he moved to Hawaii to be close to his wife's family and to raise his kids Makai and Mila close to their grandparents. 

    Sergio has been working since 2017 in the car business, where his true passion lies. He cares deeply about building relationships and helping clients achieve their goals and dreams.  

    He loves car shows, cooking, and taking care of his family. 

  • Preston Saguibo
    Brand Specialist

    Preston was born and raised on the North shore of Oahu, after 14 years as a motorcycle mechanic and Ducati specialist he decided in 2017 it was time to come indoors in sales as a Velocity brand specialist and help clients with their new car experience and also into someone's dream car. He enjoys working out and competing in competitions as a men's physique competitor, not to mention spending time with his 2 year old princess. 

  • Nicholas Reyes
    Brand Specialist

  • Miles Miller
    Service Manager

  • Macey Miyasato
    Service Advisor

  • Errol Chavez
    Service Advisor

  • Jonathan Damaso
    Parts Advisor

  • Francis Nicole Rivera
    Parts Advisor